National Pipeline Training

Time: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Lab Hours: 50 Classroom Hours: 30

Total Hours: 80

The International periodically conducts a Pipeline Training Course here at the training site. The pipeline department brings a new perspective to our training and has innovative procedures to improve member skills. Operator Qualification will be conducted as part of the International Pipeline Course. Individuals who perform safety-sensitive tasks on pipeline facilities are required to be trained and evaluated. Pipeline terminology and work practices will be taught in the classroom. The school’s grounds are excellent for pipeline training! Side hills, slopes, hills and narrow right-of-ways will challenge even experienced pipeline operators. The pipeline course is designed to upgrade the skills of journey-level members, so it is imperative that business managers recommend only those members whose dozer or backhoe operating skills range from good to excellent. Members who are accepted must demonstrate journey-level proficiencies and the ability to operate equipment in a safe manner. Specific competencies are required for the type of equipment the member will be operating during the program. These competencies include carrying a grade on a dozer, completing a cycle of digging and dumping on an excavator and maneuvering a sideboom through a designated course. The National Pipeline Training Fund reserves the right to conduct appropriate tests to assess these skills. The course size is limited and only applications from qualified members will be accepted. Consideration is based on various factors including previous work experience in the industry and demonstrated ability to operate equipment. Preference will be given for members who are applying to a training program in their region. In order to participate in the class, interested members should submit a completed application form.

Course Objective


Equipment Required: Hardhat, Safety vest, Work Clothes, Work Boots.