Online Apprenticeship Application

Online Information Session

Please watch the xxxxx minute video to learn more about a career as an Operating Engineer Apprentice.

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Basic Requirements

– Minimum Age of Eighteen (18) 2

– Valid Driver’s License 2

– Online Application
(Application, EEOC Supplemental Information and Work Experience)

– High School Completion Documentation
(Diploma, G.E.D or High School Transcripts) 2

Testing Component
Only one required from the following list

– Accuplacer 2

Minimum Reading Score: 55
Minimum Math Score: 35
(Minimum score in both subjects are needed)

– ACT 2

Reading Score: 15
Math Score: 14
(Minimum score in both subjects are needed)

– Ramsay 3

Minimum Score: 70

Letter of Eligibility

Upon successful completion and submission of required documents, you will be given a Letter of Eligibility that you may take to contractors when applying for work.

Letter of Eligibility Recipients will also receive an information packet which includes a thorough contractor list and be personally contacted by the Wisconsin Operating Engineers Training Center.

2 Copies of the following documents can be uploaded.

3 The Wisconsin Operating Engineers Training Center administers the Ramsay Test and is scheduled by appointment.

Online Application